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Kim Thomas - Step Into Her Shoes

Kim Thomas - Step Into Her Shoes
To celebrate Women's History Month, we're sitting down with some of our favorite female creatives, businesswomen, etc. to share their stories, likes, life tips, and more. 
Kim Thomas is a footwear designer and developer originally from New York, but permanently relocated to Los Angeles. She is drawn to projects that require creative input as well as technical expertise and has developed a wealth of knowledge in the footwear industry spanning nearly 20 years. She is at her happiest when she is busy but balanced and enjoys spending time with her family enjoying the California sunshine.



Why are shoes important to you?


They are my field of study. I received a supplemental associates degree in footwear design from FIDM in LA in 2006 and have spent the last 17 years working in the field to improve the quality, fit and production standards of every design I work with.



How has your perception of beauty evolved over the years?


Growing up in the 90's I looked to the crop of supermodels gracing the covers of Vogue and held my beauty standards there. Now though, I understand that beauty truly radiates from within and shines brightest when we take care of ourselves at the core of who we are. What we feed our souls and bodies is where beauty is, not what we cover them up in.





What are your favorite J.Adams heels?


My favorites are the Stormi in leopard for the stable heel height and trendy square toe and the Shirley in pink velvet or olive vegan suede because I am a sucker for a high heel and this one is nice and sturdy!


Shop Kim's favorite styles!


   Shop the Shirley shoe.


  Shop the Stormi shoe.



What are some of your tips for maintaining balance?


I am a mother of 2 young boys as well as a Libra so balance is a practice I work on every single day. The best tip I have is to stay organized with your time by respecting your own personal boundaries that you set. Wake up before everyone else and meditate to set the intention of your day. I practice yoga twice a week, hike and visit the beach to re-set. Find what grounds you, and dedicate that time to yourself to maintain it.





Do you have a personal/professional mission?


To be my best self everyday through acts of patience, kindness and love. I am passionate about equality and strive to instill in my children that we are ALL created equal and deserve respect and love.





Latest reads?


I listen to The Daily podcast a few times a week because the current news cycle is very important to me. I subscribe to Footwear News and the LA Times online and the last books I read were Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts and Dark Matter by Blake Crouch.



What is your wish for your future self?


A wish for my future self is that I win the Powerball. :) Obviously. Also that I find more time to dedicate to organizations that can truly make a difference in women's rights as the struggle to maintain equality is constantly being challenged: I wish to use my voice to bring lasting and powerful change to the world.




Follow @kimthomasconsulting to keep up with her work!

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